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Wet Weather

Weather Reports

Wet Weather

In the event a decision is made to abandon play a message will be placed on the Associations website, www.lismorenetball.com, and Facebook Page as soon as reasonably possible. Clubs are to educate and encourage parents and players to gather this information from these sources to avoid rining the Association phone line.

Games shall be cancelled as follows;

Junior Games cancelled by 8am / Intermediate Games cancelled by 10am / All others by 12 noon. However earlier notificatoin may be possible at the Tournament Coordinators and Secretary's discretion.

If games are unable to be played on Saturday as set down due to weather conditions, catch up games for Intermediates and Senior division are to be played during the following week Monday to Wednesday as per format set down (depending on number of teams). An exception to this rule is if it is week leading up to State/State Age Championships or school holidays. the games are then to be played the week of the next round as long as it is not school holidays.

No catch up games for Juniors/Netta - Points will be allocated as a draw for Juniors - 2 points each.

The Sunday following the last game of the round will be used for Intermediate and Senior catch up games if required, due to wet weather if mid week games not played.

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