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Good afternoon Umpire Convenors

As you are all aware on 1st January Netball Australia released a new process for umpires to update their accreditation.

We are still waiting on the software developers for the release of the electronic updating. In the meantime Netball Australia have created updating forms (see below). These forms are to be used as a log of activities for all umpires whilst we wait for the electronic processes.

Please forward this on to all of your badged umpires as they will be required to begin the process of either updating or maintaining their accreditation.

When completing the forms please ensure the following:
• Only activities from 1st January can be counted towards updating.
• Attend Member Organisation Approved Umpiring Workshop / Camp
o 2017 B Camp attendance = 6 points
o 2017 NetEd attendance = 3 points
• Practical Umpiring = 1 point per hour
• Coaching / Mentoring umpires (where appropriate) = 1 point per hour
• Attend training sessions (where appropriate) = 1 point per hour

This information is on the Netball NSW website.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

Updating – On Court Umpires
On court umpires are required to complete a series of tasks over a four-year period following their successful attainment of either Netball Australia C, B, A or AA Badge. Netball Australia recommends that all umpires who attain their badge (become accredited) continue to upgrade their knowledge, skills and competencies.

The updating program aims to raise the overall quality of umpires within netball by ensuring they are provided with ongoing education and development opportunities covering area such as:
• Keeping abreast of the latest information on developments within netball.
• Rules knowledge and current interpretations.
• Having access to the most up-to-date techniques and skills relating to umpiring.
Netball Australia requires an umpire to reach the specified number of points of updating activity to remain accredited at the relevant badge level. In the case of the A and AA badge, an umpire must successfully complete the practical assessment in addition to the required points to be updated.

50% of the required updating should be completed through on court umpiring. Practical umpiring can be undertaken at any level and may occur on a regular basis (weekly, fortnightly) or in specific situations such as camps, carnivals etc.
The successful completion of the Rules of Netball Theory Exam (pass mark as required for the badge being updated) is a mandatory updating requirements for all badge levels.
Applications for updating will be accepted for up to 12 months following the expiry date of the accreditation.
Once a C, B or A badge accreditation has expired for a period greater than 12 months, application should be made to the relevant Member Organisation for consideration.
Once an AA badge accreditation has expired for a period greater than 12 months, application should be made to Netball Australia for consideration.

Updating – Presenters/Testers
Umpire Presenters and Testers that are no longer umpiring must hold a current (within the last 4 years) Rules of Netball Theory Exam pass mark relevant to their badge level to be eligible to present and/or test as part of the National Umpire Accreditation System.

Updating forms


Chris Hall | Technical Officials Coordinator
Netball NSW | NSW Swifts | GIANTS Netball

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e. chall@netballnsw.com | w. netballnsw.com | w. nswswifts.com.au | w. giantsnetball.com.au
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Testing reports

From Chris Hall - NNSW - chall@netballnsw.com

Things to note when emailing test reports:
• Ensure you have included the MyNetball numbers of the testing panel and the candidate.
• Ensure the candidate and testing panel are registered for 2017.
• Ensure the theory result is noted on the test report (if you can see the result in MyNetball you do not need to send supporting documentation)
• There is no need for a cover sheet

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Umpiring Pathways & New Competencies Matrix Netball Australia

The Netball Australia Umpire Accreditation system is an educational and development pathway, culminating in a 4-tiered badge system – C Badge, B Badge, A Badge and the highest national award, the AA (All Australia) Badge.

To receive a badge, the umpire must be rated as competent in each area of the assessable performance criteria set for the level concerned. Knowledge, skills and techniques must be demonstrated or performed to a speci ed standard under set conditions, as assessed by approved testers.

These competencies are a continuum from basic level to expert execution.

Please refer to the Netball Australia website for more information and resources relating to umpiring including theory exam and practical court requirements for umpires to progress and develop their umpiring skills.


National-Umpire-Development-Framework_2016-Edition-1.pdf1.05 MB
sd_081-badge-competencies.pdf178.35 KB
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Updated Rules Clarification

Following additional advice Netball Australia have recently received from the International Netball Federation, they have had to make some additional changes to both the FAQs document and the umpire protocols document.
Below are the updated documents.
Please pass these onto all relevant people within your club.

Match-Protocols-for-Umpires_2016_v1.2.pdf80.47 KB
Whats-new-in-the-rules-of-netball_Frequently-Asked-Questions_updated-March-2016.pdf82.72 KB
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As you are aware, the 2016 season sees the introduction of several key changes to the rules of netball.

The following link from Netball Australia provides 6 videos as to the application of each change and everyone is encouraged to be familiar with these changes in advance of our season commencing.


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UMPIRES Code of Behaviour

Umpires Code Of Behaviour.pdf74.12 KB
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