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2017 Regional Allocations Team (Umpiring)

Netball NSW is seeking umpires who would be interested in assisting and gaining knowledge with the allocation process of umpires within the Region 2-8 Regional League Competitions for 2017.

A Regional Allocations Team will be established within each Region 2-8 Regional League competition in accordance with the Region 2-8 Regional League competition rules, to assist the Regional Managers with umpire allocations and to provide opportunities for umpires to gain experience in allocating umpires and coaching umpires where appropriate.

To indicate your willingness to be part of the Regional Allocations Team for your area please complete the attached Expressions of Interest form, detailing your qualifications, skills and experience.

Please return the Expression of Interest form to:
Mardi Aplin
Regional Development and Pathways Unit Manager
Netball NSW
76 McNamara Street ORANGE NSW 2800
Fax: 02 6362 3264
Email: maplin@netballnsw.com

The closing date for Expressions of Interest is 5pm Friday 9 December, 2016.

RAT EOI 2017.pdf498.28 KB
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Umpiring Pathways & New Competencies Matrix Netball Australia

The Netball Australia Umpire Accreditation system is an educational and development pathway, culminating in a 4-tiered badge system – C Badge, B Badge, A Badge and the highest national award, the AA (All Australia) Badge.

To receive a badge, the umpire must be rated as competent in each area of the assessable performance criteria set for the level concerned. Knowledge, skills and techniques must be demonstrated or performed to a speci ed standard under set conditions, as assessed by approved testers.

These competencies are a continuum from basic level to expert execution.

Please refer to the Netball Australia website for more information and resources relating to umpiring including theory exam and practical court requirements for umpires to progress and develop their umpiring skills.


National-Umpire-Development-Framework_2016-Edition-1.pdf1.05 MB
sd_081-badge-competencies.pdf178.35 KB
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Updated Rules Clarification

Following additional advice Netball Australia have recently received from the International Netball Federation, they have had to make some additional changes to both the FAQs document and the umpire protocols document.
Below are the updated documents.
Please pass these onto all relevant people within your club.

Match-Protocols-for-Umpires_2016_v1.2.pdf80.47 KB
Whats-new-in-the-rules-of-netball_Frequently-Asked-Questions_updated-March-2016.pdf82.72 KB
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As you are aware, the 2016 season sees the introduction of several key changes to the rules of netball.

The following link from Netball Australia provides 6 videos as to the application of each change and everyone is encouraged to be familiar with these changes in advance of our season commencing.


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UMPIRES Code of Behaviour

Umpires Code Of Behaviour.pdf74.12 KB
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